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Built in 2005, has a high performance and technical team, is engaged in the plastic mold production and professional company engaged in the plastic container production, dedicated service in the field of cosmetics packaging at home and abroad.We have been researching, developing, designing and producing plastic packing mould and plastic container for many years.Long-term well-known chemical enterprises at home and abroad cosmetics for design and development of plastic packaging containers, the company widely aided design by CAD/CAM mold design and simulation analysis, the mold precision and life got the very big enhancement, but also often benefit from the mainland and foreign expert technical guidance, thus greatly improving the product quality and technical level, improve the efficiency of the production operation, eventually industry establish a good reputation and get lots of cosmetic and plastic packaging production enterprises long-term trust.

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Name: Colorful Candy
Item number: A-123456
Raw material: Sucrose,Edible rubber,Edible essence,....

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